Manic Monday #20

No regular audio production this week. (althoug I have been working in this H.Hancock Remix in plains trains and auto mobiles last weekend -bless my macbook)
I decided to prove Scott J. I played the extralife-tune on and off during shows, this is during a soundcheck in Avignon (France). The big guy entering the stage is This Guy with whom I play once in a while when is in Europe. The other one is the drummer. The bassplayer is filming it all. So this is a nice band collaboration.

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4 comments on “Manic Monday #20
  1. Rob………. you MF, you mister naviationblooper number one !! You missed your train to Milan!! We need you’re story here……….



  2. Schnauzer says:

    Dang you , Bart!
    I’m too tired now to tell the story, but I’ll reveal this little story:
    it involves me, a camera, the paris-subway and an accordeon-player,

  3. James says:

    You are a genius! But the ease at which you churn out that music makes me sick! ;)

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