Les Cornichons

The coming week I’ll be on a strict diet of white wine and schnitzels, and possible no internet…  A few schnauzer tunes are being finalized as we type, but for the curious at heart you can go to www.theater-walhalla.nl to listen to a few tunes I did last month. (hit refresh since the opening is random, and there are 4 possibilities).

For the rest of you hit play on the movie below, and repeat that the coming week. (darn I really wish I wrote that one). I don’t know anything about that song. My french is also very bad, but I know Les Cornichons means : ‘the pickles’ which is a great theme to write a groovy tune to.

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2 comments on “Les Cornichons
  1. Graf Blörk says:

    Have you seen that one? It features educated audience clapping participation (EACP), Extatic Organ Mistreating (EOM) and “Le danse crappique”.

  2. Schnauzer says:

    Good tip. Thanx!

    EACP , I like that…

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