Hang on Sloopy

In 1965 the McCoys had a huge hit with ‘hang on Sloopy’, a song named after Dorothy Sloop, a singer/pianist from Ohio.  It became the unofficial fight song for the Ohio state University -their version can be downloaded right here- Of Course as with a lot of 60s songs, there is supposed to be an official dance to it. You guessed correctly: the Sloopy. And what do you get when the French do ‘the Sloopy’? That’s right! ‘LE SLOOPY’!

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2 comments on “Hang on Sloopy
  1. Gijsbert says:

    Goh zeg. Die met die vlechtjes, op de achtergrond.

  2. Schnauzer says:

    ja, dat waren nog eens dansjes idd…

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