25 days of newman

Comedy music duo Paul and Storm are going to celebrate the 25 days until Christmas with the 25 days of Newman. Yes 25 songs sung in a Randy Newman voice every day. It’s best to get started listening now instead of waiting for 25 days to listen to them all in a row. That would be ehm… mindwrecking I guess.
(what about the Schnauzer radio orchestra? I got something up my sleeve this Christmas no worries…)
Listen HERE

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5 comments on “25 days of newman
  1. PseudoKnight says:

    I was kinda hoping it was different music each time, but it makes more sense the way it is. Mindwrecking, indeed. “I like helicopters!” hah.

    Bandcamp.mu looks pretty cool. It keeps everything clean and focused on the album, with only a minimal bar on the bottom. Me likes.

    What kind of Christmas music do you listen to? Each year my dad likes to buy a new Christmas CD. Do you have any suggestions? (he’s a musician, singer, has his own albumbs, former band/choir/cello/piano/guitar teacher, has a healthy but corny humor)

  2. Schnauzer says:

    That is the easiest question this year:
    That one is filled with 50s and 60s gems I never heard about. Seriously that might just be the ultimate musicians gift (if they have a sense of humour or taste hehehe)

    I also listen to ‘a cockney Christmas’ (songs sung in London cockney accent)
    Hary for the Holidays (H.Connick Jr. big band)
    Ray Charles, ‘the spirit of Christmas’
    A Motown xmas (various)
    And ‘Eenzame kerst’ by Andre Hazes (dutch album)

  3. PseudoKnight says:

    Oh nice. My brother has an Ultra Lounge album. (he mixes music, has been in involved with a few bands, was a dj for a pirat radio station for a while)

    My dad has a jewish christmas album. It’s pretty hilarious.

    I’ll check some of these out. Thanks.

  4. Schnauzer says:

    OOOh a Jewish Christmas album! Dang you for leaving me hanging in here without any more info!
    Is it this one http://falalalala.com/?p=159 ?
    If yes, I just set a new record in finding funny music!

  5. PseudoKnight says:

    Ah no! I threw you off because it’s not actually an album of only Jewish Christmas songs. I had forgotten. The songs are by “Three Weissmen” on the “Blame It On Christmas” album.


    It was given to him.

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