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‘Hey, pssst… you take this you’ll like this. It might be a little over the edge for Beatles-purists, but you take this home and play it’ producer Phil Martin said to me last Monday while slipping a vinyl lp in my hands. Almost behaving like a drugpusher *insert Superfly music*. I got home, rushed to my record player and was amazed.
Ben from Corduroy has delivered an old fashioned record filled with Beatles covers in a Latin, Kingston, Cuban style. However the big star on this album is Majka Edyole, singing songs like ‘Taxman’ and ‘Baby you can drive my car’ in a tiny spanish accent she steals the show. I instantly send a mail to Phil: “This is not over the edge, this is behind the mountain over the edge and I am digging this! It’s like ‘Obladi, Oblada’ was written in Kingston.


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