Behind the stage.

What happens when Schnauzer is not in the studio and is called the out last minute to do a DUO-gig with a hot London female soulsinger? You guessed correctly. They do a groovy evening ON stage, and… later they share a dressing room…the evening is still young, and so are they….. Well, see for yourself…

Very happy with the result on the wall, Schnauzer does the jazz hands. ‘Be Grateful for small mercys’

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6 comments on “Behind the stage.
  1. sjees… alleen linkerhandje en geeneens zitten. jerry lee lewis kan nog puntjes zuigen…

  2. Schnauzer says:

    dangdangdadadang, dangdangdadadang … linkerhandje!
    Rechterhandje is om biertje vast te houden.

  3. Angeblich says:

    From the sketch you could be German singer-comedian Helge Schneider…

  4. Schnauzer says:

    Hahaha, I checked him out, and you are right! I really dig his work though…

  5. Angeblich says:

    Yeah, I think he’s great!

  6. Sir Bob says:

    Aaarrrrggghh iet was not Pablo, iet was hies bjoetiful daughter Paola who died ze painting!! Zhere goes mi reputation as an artslover down ze draiin!!

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