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Work work work

Here’s poverty for you. Spending 4 days in Norway playing at the Nottoden Blues Festival. Magnus was so cool to lend out his house to the band. So I guess this is rock’n roll heaven. Heck he even got a

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Pretty underground

This made my day. A clip from the Canadian show ‘the Ronnie Johns Half Hour’.

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Les Cornichons

The coming week I’ll be on a strict diet of white wine and schnitzels, and possible no internet…  A few schnauzer tunes are being finalized as we type, but for the curious at heart you can go to to

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Look ma, no fingers!

I told you a looooong time ago about the handless organist. But here we can see one in action. Billy Alexander has his own youtube channel. He was born with a defect on both his hands and feet. It took

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Sweet deal

I’ve convinced my wife that NOW is the time to buy this. link

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Coolest iPod ever

A Nintendo Gameboy and an iPod combined into the… iBoy! Here is the flickr-set with instructions. found via link

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Stupidest band-picture ever. The one in the middle must be doing something really nasty with his hands, or he just fell asleep. You go ahead and make that up for yourself, I’ll hold….

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Raising the level

Last Saturdays festivalpics are online (bospop) . It seems they posted them in order of importance. You see, the rough photo lineup is: Steve Lukather, Crowded House, Snowy White… and the very last photo is…..Schnauzer! linky

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Philicorda in the Wild

Aiff at Rainbowpark Dordrecht June 15th 2008. Yes, I do play this thing live occasionally! Very funny to have a soundcrew drooling around a 50euro organ. More about AIFF here

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I’m loving youtube

Don’t you just love youtube. An endless pitt filled with talent. Keep diggin’!

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