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New Album Release

Today I finally have the privilege to announce to all you fans, who have been trampling on my doorstep for the last months -don’t worry about the shrubbery, with the proper care it will be fully recovered this summer- that

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Rutles – Lunch

Holey Crap! This is a HUGE labour of Love. I really want to name names, but I couldn’t find who’s behind this. Here’s the story: some anonymous fellow felt that the Rutles deserved a remix album just like the Beatles

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Unhenged: a tribute to Spinal Tap

It’s here! Just in time for the holidays! A free Spinal Tap Cover album! and guess whose track is number one on the playlist? What are you waiting for? go to and grab your copy NOW!

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Album tip

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More Album covers

Over at some retro album covers of Eastern European artists are posted. Needless to say, someone couldn’t resist photoshopping a little hair on a lady’s leg.

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Abbey Road

The band ‘Blame Ringo, released their first single accompanied by this video. It’s a timelapse outside the Abbey Road studio’s. For the young folks:  From the release of the Beatles’ Abbey Road album, people are constantly trying to recreate the

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Album Covers

Nothing wrong with a good Polka Album. Take this one:  6 Fat Dutchmen. From -of course – Minnesota.

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Thumbs Up!

Album tip for the day is… 4 Thumbs Up on this record. The fellow in the middle wanted to be cool and show the peace-sign, so we’ll just forget about him. Here we have four band members dressed sharp showing

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CD Tip

Sabbath in the Suburbs – by the Lounge Brigade. A lounge-cocktail album with only Black Sabbath songs (the cover says it all). From a rhumba version of ‘Paranoid’ to a swing-version of ‘Sabbath bloody Sabbath’. Gold Jerry, gold! I am

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Album Covers

I miss vinyl records. I miss turning them over after 20 minutes. I miss the smell. I miss the great artwork. I miss the scratches. I miss blowing the dust off a needle before you put it on a record.

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