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New song, old style

The 60s band I’m in (‘the Revolvers)’ is doing a national radio-morningshow this week. The station is playing only 60s record this week, so we feel right at home. We do a little quiz, fiddle around during the broadcast, and

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Crystalsong Forest

Mission: do an original, not a remix, not a cover. specifics: Waltz, Accordion, Philicorda, Bells. The clapping sound in the background is hands on naked thighs… Imagine a large condenser mic over a pair of legs with the trousers dropped

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Hell just froze over

Happy New Year! With this Tune I declare 2009 the year of the Schnauzer. It’s a bit hard describe this one; is it an original or a remix? 90% of what you hear is played in the last month. The

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While my keytar gently weeps

I’m almost finishing the small tour we did with a George Harrison tribute “While my guitar Gently Weeps”. Last night returning from the gig I listened to Coverville ep.519, and behold a great cover of that particular song was in

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Hammond Fiddling

My organ is not full time present in the Schnauzer Studios, because of all the live-gigging going on. Last Monday I had to carry the thing in for a rock-project that had to be finished this week. To do a

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A Hard Days Night

Now this is annoying. Dalhousie University professor Jason Brown has made an extensive study about the opening chord of ‘A Hard Days Night’. The reason why is because this chord sounds so fat, no guitar player ever could copy it.

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New Schnauzer: Feeling Groovy

The ever expanding Schnauzer Radio Orchestra is extremely proud to present the next tune before world domination. Roughly forty years after the summer of love you are presented with this. A production time of 6 months and a few guest

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Comics Coast to Coast

I just finished the official Comics Coast to Coast tune. CCtC is a weekly podcast by Brian Dunaway (missiondeep), Tom Racine (booksmart) and Justin Thompson (mythtickle) about … ehm… comics. That’s right, the three panel thingy’s you see in the

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Ode to Bacon- the naked truth!

cc-by-nc photo: &y ‘BACON MARTINI’ Here’s the story. Len Peralta posted an ode to bacon on his blog. Reading that made something in my head click. I could totally relate to that poem, I love bacon too! So I sent

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A new tune written exclusively for Theater Walhalla. Technically I did 4 different versions of the same one. If you click you have 4 random chances to hear them. To make your life a little easier here are the

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