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in the studio part III

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in the studio part II

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in the studio part I

Enjoy this first installment of a 4-part series!

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Rutles – Lunch

Holey Crap! This is a HUGE labour of Love. I really want to name names, but I couldn’t find who’s behind this. Here’s the story: some anonymous fellow felt that the Rutles deserved a remix album just like the Beatles

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Hot Dog Rock!

I had to blink twice and pinch myself at first. This was to good to be true: AN ENTIRE ALBUM AS AN ODE TO HOTDOGS! Think of 70′s Steely Dan, strip out the intelligent Lyrics and you’ve got a Zappa-esque

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Even more banjo jokes

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Muppet Bohemian Rhapsody

I know this stuff is being posted all over the net, but…omg I think I haven’t laughed this hard in… ehm… y’know.

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I just ordered ‘Joco Looks Back‘, a greatest hits album by internet phenomena Jonathan Coulton (and I suggest you do the same). Cd Baby replied at my order with the following e-mail. Needless to say I am still recovering. Talk

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25 days of newman

Comedy music duo Paul and Storm are going to celebrate the 25 days until Christmas with the 25 days of Newman. Yes 25 songs sung in a Randy Newman voice every day. It’s best to get started listening now instead

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Awesome cartoon

-click image to expand- Over at they have a deep understanding of what the view from the bandstand is. According to them, the audience is split up into 16 categories. And they are extremely right. (click the image to

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