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re-Winter Wonderland

What is Christmas without a SuperNES, a Stylophone, a Wurlitzer and an all girls 60s choir? Nothing, I tell you! For those of you who missed this last year, I had 2 spare days so I produced: Winter Wonderland Schnauzer

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Unhenged: a tribute to Spinal Tap

It’s here! Just in time for the holidays! A free Spinal Tap Cover album! and guess whose track is number one on the playlist? What are you waiting for? go to and grab your copy NOW!

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Just posted my first audioboo. is an audio-blogging tool which integrates perfectly with the iPhone…. Gone is all the studio-equipment . just one single microphone embedded in an apple phone can make you world famous! More strangeness coming to

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Philicorda in the Wild

Aiff at Rainbowpark Dordrecht June 15th 2008. Yes, I do play this thing live occasionally! Very funny to have a soundcrew drooling around a 50euro organ. More about AIFF here

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So, how does the monster sound?

Yes, you begged and begged. And I said no, no, no, but I did it anyway. Recorded the Hammond organ to test out my new olympus portable recorder. I just set te levels, and fiddled for 2 minutes on the

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Manic Monday #31

This is a raw mix of the track ‘Boogie Rash’ we did last friday. Phil Martin is responsible for the recording and mixing of this. So, although the composition is mine, I feel a bit reluctant to show off the

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Manic Monday #20

No regular audio production this week. (althoug I have been working in this H.Hancock Remix in plains trains and auto mobiles last weekend -bless my macbook) I decided to prove Scott J. I played the extralife-tune on and off during

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Zombie-tune spotting

Len just re-used my zombie-tune ‘March of the Zombies’ to illustrate the start of his ’31 days of Halloween’. I think it sounds just right , playing this song over the radio while driving with 31 coffins in the back

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Schnauzer on the Philicorda…again!

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This is a french Mod playing the farfisa. To all you keyboardlovers/haters out there: wait for the solo!

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