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Podcast music

By popular demand I have compiled a full album’s worth of music I made for Extralife Radio, a podcast which ran from 2003 until februari 2010. You can read all about this, and download a handy zip package here:

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Unhenged: a tribute to Spinal Tap

It’s here! Just in time for the holidays! A free Spinal Tap Cover album! and guess whose track is number one on the playlist? What are you waiting for? go to and grab your copy NOW!

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Schnauzer calling…

Some people just turn everything I do into a ringtone

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What does one lazy organ-player do when he has a day off at the Nottoden Blues festival in Norway? He ask the drummer to risk his life running across traffic to do a stupid pose at the larger than life

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Again some mutual love

Did a gig on a legendary small stage last weekend. Sebastiaan aka ‘Mashupman’ came to see the show and recorded this with his mobile. EXTRALIFE TUNE

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