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Another Paradox

The Swarvoski snare drum! Point me to the drummer who could afford this (and I will shoot him)

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Just posted my first audioboo. is an audio-blogging tool which integrates perfectly with the iPhone…. Gone is all the studio-equipment . just one single microphone embedded in an apple phone can make you world famous! More strangeness coming to

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Space Harrier + Ukelele

I remember playing this game over and over and over again singing along with this tune. In retrospect there were a lot of games I played over and over just to hear the theme-music again. This was one of the

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Printer Jam

Mistabishi – Printer Jam from Hospital Records on Vimeo

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Thru You

A lot of stuff happening here around me. Both good and bad. I’ll save the good news for a future post and hope that the bad stuff will be over. A minor bad thing is that I am not in

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Here are three waveforms…

via :

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Guitar Rack

The most important music gear fair (namm2009) is behind us and slowly we get a grasp of what oddities we can buy the coming year. First we take a look at this very guitar Rack. Building a guitar Wine Rack

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Fridgebuzzz, an Electronic manufacturer created a one of a kind synthesizer. Using an old Atari400 case completely strip it, and fill it with new electronics. Now it is a 12 oscilator and 3 modulator square wave synth. The fact that

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While my keytar gently weeps

I’m almost finishing the small tour we did with a George Harrison tribute “While my guitar Gently Weeps”. Last night returning from the gig I listened to Coverville ep.519, and behold a great cover of that particular song was in

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A Hard Days Night

Now this is annoying. Dalhousie University professor Jason Brown has made an extensive study about the opening chord of ‘A Hard Days Night’. The reason why is because this chord sounds so fat, no guitar player ever could copy it.

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