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Lego Harpsichord

Henry Lim, a musician and Lego-fanatic, build himself an instrument. From his page you can see that he already was doing 2d pictures, and even a full size statue of Queen Amidala , but this time he started out building

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Thanks to ‘Catrian’, who went through the effort of searching for this old school piece of gear in her house and getting it to me, I am now the proud owner of a new DAW. In case you didn’t know;

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Defrosting Corn Dogs

Scott at Modd3d installed a midi port to his microwave. Now he can defrost a corn dog by playing a few notes. That brings a few ideas to my mind for the studio. One of them is a midi controlled

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The waiting is over

My new years resolution is becoming true now. I bought this 1963 Hammond organ in January this year . And it took sjaak up until yesterday to finish it. So it was transformed from this lovely sweet lady: into this

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Audio Machine

These thing pop up a lot lately. Press some buttons, drag the sliders to mix a little and off you go. Now only a way to combine and record them all, and the internet is my next daw. LINK

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Giant Acoustic guitar

Yes, you read it correctly: an acoustic guitar. Phew… Imagine getting a proper amp for an electric guitar that size.. ebay-link

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Toy piano online

Play this thing online here Now if I could just map a midi keyboard…

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Pearl releases Anarchy Cowbell

This is no joke. On last years namm-show Pearls introduced their anarchy cowbell. That is evil even before you hit it!. Available at your local drum store. More info at

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I knew it was easy.

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Guitartoilet #2 – ehm basstoilet..

This time it’s the other way around (scroll 2posts down). And to be frankly, this is more like it. You can sit on this one, the fretboard betweend your legs to put your book or newspaper on -in my case

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