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When my youngest niece Bette was born, she instantly received a nickname ‘babushka’. Don’t ask me why, I guess she just reminded us of one. Now the Matryomin is a cross between a Babushka and a Theremin. Even a step

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I can’t believe I didn’t mention this earlier. This was on my bloglist for ages, but here we go. On South Park Episode 128 there is this Chinese Singer featured called ‘Wing’. I won’t spoil the plot of the episode

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World Champion Air Guitar

The current world champion Air guitar is Ochi “Dainoji” Yosuke from Japan. Watch what he does BEFORE he starts to shred.

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Smoke on the water

Get it while it’s hot. This is all over the internet and is being removed due to copyright problems. I have no clue what removing this song of various videosites is going to help “Ooedo No Hikeshi”. All over the

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James Brown noodles advertisement

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Shingo Mama!

I’m back. No good news …yet… but I stopped worrying, cleaned up up the studio, done some philicorda tracks and worked on the elr-album to blow off some steam. The next clip illustrates my state of mind perfectly. Shingo Mama

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