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Manic Monday #28

Photo: Flickr CC by Attribution license by Phatbri A work in progress this week. first of all because my hammond organ is still in restauration, and second I couldn’t be bothered to record a real rhodes because of the fake-hammond

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Manic monday #27

Last week I finished another rendition of the Extralife tune. This was floating in the back of my mind for ages so I basically had to make it to get it out of my system. Again, not really a campy

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Alien Lab

When Stockhausen heard music by Aphex Twin and Massive Attack, his response was: ‘Pretty good, but they should give up repetition’ This was an experiment with electronics, rhythm and repetition but each part had it’s own tempo. So this might

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Manic Monday #25

Getting pumped up for Christmas. This Manic Monday is exactly one year old. I made this in December 2006 for ExtralifeRadio. That was played only once during their christmas-special, but this year it goes into recycle mode and is played

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Manic Monday #24

Before we kick off the Christmas Mayhem that will be raving all over the Schnauzer Studios, I present you ‘Kuchen’ a track that started in Switzerland 2 months ago and was ‘finished’ just this morning. The minute I thought :’the

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Manic Monday #23

I thought I’ve reached the depth of the pit, but the bottom is in sight. Too much songs are in production at the same time now and not a single change to make an inbetween-mix.  And everybody knows: Mime is

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Manic Monday #22

-inspired by Marco’s photo-composition-challenge- This week I ripped a picture of the net and gave myself one hour to come up with a composition for it. Bonita’s dream was also a challenge like this but this time it took me

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Manic monday #21

This is what you get when you get stuck for 5 hours at an airport with a macbook with ableton live, and no keyboard.. I asked the airline company if they had a piano for hire. Which isn’t such a

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Manic Monday #19

This must be the weirdest Manic Monday ever. This started out as a loungy radio-announcement for Halloween. I threw away nearly all the beats and stuck a one take synth-improv I did a year ago under it. The only thing

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Manic Monday #18

***Philibreeze Update*** I allready told you about the 3 minute holiday, about the ukelele, and about the philicorda. This update adds 2 trumpets. Now I don’t want to post a tune everytime I add a single instrument, but since this

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