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William Shatner ’sings’

Here’s an idea. For the 1978 Sci-Fi film awards we’ll have William Shatner recite the lyrics to ‘Rocket Man’. We’ll have music so the listener can get a sense of where we are in the song. Yes, that’s a good

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Manic Monday #33

photo by Bakou67 They don’t come any more raw than this. I went into the studio completely blanc, pressed record and started playing the piano. No edits, so every timing mistake, false notes and lines I regret are still there.

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Carnaval 2008

Since I live in the south of the Netherlands I’m suffering from a strange fever. Yes! Carnaval has begun. (you can compare it a little to the New Orleans Mardi grass, or the Carnaval de Rio de Janeiro, only with

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Alien Lab

When Stockhausen heard music by Aphex Twin and Massive Attack, his response was: ‘Pretty good, but they should give up repetition’ This was an experiment with electronics, rhythm and repetition but each part had it’s own tempo. So this might

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Jingle Bells #4

Ah , Christmas approaching and we crank the spirit up a notch -or down, it’s just how you want to see it. Not an easy time for some, even Schnauzer has his quieter moments…and I’m suffering from a cold as

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Jingle Bells #3

Ever since I heard a jumpstyle version of ‘Raindrops keep falling on my head’ I had the idea of making a complete album with such tunes. You must understand that this ‘version’ was just a kickdrum and a synthlead. That

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Manic Monday #25

Getting pumped up for Christmas. This Manic Monday is exactly one year old. I made this in December 2006 for ExtralifeRadio. That was played only once during their christmas-special, but this year it goes into recycle mode and is played

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Manic Monday #22

-inspired by Marco’s photo-composition-challenge- This week I ripped a picture of the net and gave myself one hour to come up with a composition for it. Bonita’s dream was also a challenge like this but this time it took me

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Manic Monday #9

At last boys and girls. I am so relieved to have this tune in a finished state. Those of you who have read the blog in the last couple of weeks know what I’m talking about. Also the idea to

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A few of you Schnauzer/ELR fans have been bugging me with this for quit a while now. Finaly they have arrived! You have to do nothing. No joining up, no sms-payment, no e-mail scam, no annoying pop-ups whatsoever, just rightclick

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