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Philicorda in the Wild

Aiff at Rainbowpark Dordrecht June 15th 2008. Yes, I do play this thing live occasionally! Very funny to have a soundcrew drooling around a 50euro organ. More about AIFF here

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The waiting is over

My new years resolution is becoming true now. I bought this 1963 Hammond organ in January this year . And it took sjaak up until yesterday to finish it. So it was transformed from this lovely sweet lady: into this

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Happy Birthday WordPress

2 occasions in one week, goodie goodie! It’s been 5 years since wordpress came on the interwebs… To me the best thing that happened to the bloggosphere ever. But what do I know? The other occasion is very near and

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Again some mutual love

Did a gig on a legendary small stage last weekend. Sebastiaan aka ‘Mashupman’ came to see the show and recorded this with his mobile. EXTRALIFE TUNE

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Are you experienced?

Up to my neck in live-gigs atm. This weekend I’m off to London to rehearse and do a show on the 5th. All signs are directed to the fact that it’ll be an underorganized mess. While thinking to go or

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Evil dead the musical #2

I’ve wrote a while ago about this musical. Gordasm walked around Toronto and spotted these posters. Here is his full flickr-set. Link

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Busy, busy

I’m moving this blog to a different hosting-service. The main reason I held back the original posts for the last couple of weeks, is that I was really annoyed by the permalinks in this blog (…. ) Within a couple

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National Geographic

Yesterdays National Geographic’s photo of the day was a picture of an extremely rare type of fruit. It grows in St. Louis Missouri and I can spot all you nature-lovers sitting upright already. In case of a removal I copied

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Pearl releases Anarchy Cowbell

This is no joke. On last years namm-show Pearls introduced their anarchy cowbell. That is evil even before you hit it!. Available at your local drum store. More info at

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off-topicĀ  Een nieuwe belevenis op www.robgeboers.nlĀ  (ik beloof dat vanaf nu beter bij te gaan houden)

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