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Philicorda in the Wild

Aiff at Rainbowpark Dordrecht June 15th 2008. Yes, I do play this thing live occasionally! Very funny to have a soundcrew drooling around a 50euro organ. More about AIFF here

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The waiting is over

My new years resolution is becoming true now. I bought this 1963 Hammond organ in January this year . And it took sjaak up until yesterday to finish it. So it was transformed from this lovely sweet lady: into this

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In case anyone was wondering where I have been (and didn’t follow twitter), I was busy writing my next single, and it is nearly finished. I thought I’d give you a sneak peak at me playing it on my trusty

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Manic Monday #31

This is a raw mix of the track ‘Boogie Rash’ we did last friday. Phil Martin is responsible for the recording and mixing of this. So, although the composition is mine, I feel a bit reluctant to show off the

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Manic Monday #30

The philicorda project is about to begin. A live recording (organ, guitar, bass, drums). This Friday we have a session planned to record the first few tracks. It’s going to be a funky grungy sounding vinyl single (the plan was,

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Schnauzer on the Philicorda…again!

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Manic Monday #9

At last boys and girls. I am so relieved to have this tune in a finished state. Those of you who have read the blog in the last couple of weeks know what I’m talking about. Also the idea to

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The Philicorda #2

The Sultans of Schwing!

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Just in

Look what the mailman brought yesterday! I showed you the organ allready, but that is not the whole story. A demonstration record from the 60s with the most cheesy arrangements of ‘Besame Mucho’, ‘Mack the knife’ etc. You can listen

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The Philicorda

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