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8bit tributes

Completely downloadable for free! A bunch of chiptune lovers and musicians got together to make a Daft Punk tribute album called “Da Chip”.

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I just ordered ‘Joco Looks Back‘, a greatest hits album by internet phenomena Jonathan Coulton (and I suggest you do the same). Cd Baby replied at my order with the following e-mail. Needless to say I am still recovering. Talk

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CD tip

Klaus Harmony, and yes, those tiny letters spell out : ‘the mozart of porn’ . His website is found here (don’t worry it’s safe for work). Now my problem is I want to believe this. It looks so corny and

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CD Tip

Sabbath in the Suburbs – by the Lounge Brigade. A lounge-cocktail album with only Black Sabbath songs (the cover says it all). From a rhumba version of ‘Paranoid’ to a swing-version of ‘Sabbath bloody Sabbath’. Gold Jerry, gold! I am

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1bit music

Perhaps the future of cd-sales? Tristan Perich, a contemporary composer, produced a cd-case with a headphone output. According to his site the case consist of an electronic cirquit, pre-programmed with 14 songs. It plays 45 minutes of lo-fi electronic music.

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Album Covers

no comment…

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Pan Pipes play the beatles

People who ordered this, also bought: ‘srgt.Peppers’, ‘nr.1 singles’, and ‘Love’. I think NOT! Quick, order now!

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You have got to hear this to believe it. Notice the left-handed accordion on McCartney’s chest!!! I love details like that! Here is the website and don’t forget to check out the pic of John Lennon playing the accordion… for

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Just in

Look what the mailman brought yesterday! I showed you the organ allready, but that is not the whole story. A demonstration record from the 60s with the most cheesy arrangements of ‘Besame Mucho’, ‘Mack the knife’ etc. You can listen

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Another Banjo

Now this makes a lot of sense… A beatles Banjo ! I can’t remember the beatles using a banjo on any record, but there must be beatles-proffessors out there who can prove me otherwise. But then I found this! I

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