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James Last Compilation

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Giant Accordion

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Nova was a ‘commercial’ side-band for the synthesizer-band Peru. This song (Aurora) was a nr.2 hit in Holland in 1983. They don’t get any simpler than this. The melody is just one phrase over 2 chords, repeated twice . The

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Winter Wonderland

What is Christmas without a SuperNES, a Stylophone, a Wurlitzer and an all girls 60s choir? Nothing, I tell you! Since I’m breaking a few laws with this one I am not telling who are the singers nanana. Also it

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8bit tributes

Completely downloadable for free! A bunch of chiptune lovers and musicians got together to make a Daft Punk tribute album called “Da Chip”.

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More Sci Fi

Did a quick rendition on my Fender Rhodes of the Dr.Who theme. I always wanted to do something with this, it might end up in a normal big project, who knows. I Fed the Rhodes straight into a Roland re201

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My very first computer was a commodore64. I could program a little basic so I wrote some old school adventures and I could squeeze some music out of the mighty sid chip. later my dad got me an Amiga500. It

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Beatles: Rock Band

Today at E3 (games expo) the first beatles Rock band trailer was released. I am thrilled looking at all the details that went into this game. Every single stage looks right. Mc Cartney looks stunning and even has grown a

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Just posted my first audioboo. is an audio-blogging tool which integrates perfectly with the iPhone…. Gone is all the studio-equipment . just one single microphone embedded in an apple phone can make you world famous! More strangeness coming to

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m113, take one

This audio clip scared the bejeezus out of me. Well, not in THAT sense, but you’ll hear some mumbo jumbo going on. and then they count off. I constantly keep forgetting how awesome old records sound, and ask myself: Why

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