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Space Harrier + Ukelele

I remember playing this game over and over and over again singing along with this tune. In retrospect there were a lot of games I played over and over just to hear the theme-music again. This was one of the

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Mp3 Cassette

Over at Yanko Design a posting is written about an MP3 Cassette player. Not only do you have to use your finger to rewind or fast forward the songs, they come in 45 min.- 60 min. and 90 minute versions.

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Here are three waveforms…

via :

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New song, old style

The 60s band I’m in (‘the Revolvers)’ is doing a national radio-morningshow this week. The station is playing only 60s record this week, so we feel right at home. We do a little quiz, fiddle around during the broadcast, and

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Hang on Sloopy

In 1965 the McCoys had a huge hit with ‘hang on Sloopy’, a song named after Dorothy Sloop, a singer/pianist from Ohio.  It became the unofficial fight song for the Ohio state University -their version can be downloaded right here-

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Coolest iPod ever

A Nintendo Gameboy and an iPod combined into the… iBoy! Here is the flickr-set with instructions. found via link

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Paul Williams

Recently I ran into a musical called ‘The Phantom of the Paradise’. Truly a musical-opera. It was made in 1974 by Brain de Palma, and was overshadowed by “the Rocky Horror Picture show” I had absolutely no hopes for the

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Disco Bambina

Whenever I run into a clip like this I want to know more. And in this case most of the info was in Italian. Heather Parisi (1960) is a media star in Italy. Heather dances, sings and acts. I don’t

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A Hard Days Night

This cracked me up hard yesterday. It was taken from a 1965 TV-special called ‘The music of Lennon & McCartney” Alan haves is having a hard time playbacking his own lowrey organ solo of Hard Days Night. And to be

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CD tip

Klaus Harmony, and yes, those tiny letters spell out : ‘the mozart of porn’ . His website is found here (don’t worry it’s safe for work). Now my problem is I want to believe this. It looks so corny and

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