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Mastering a Masterpiece

Hollands nr.1 Mastering studio “Saint of Sound” working very hard to get the SRO’s debut album in top-notch shape.

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Record update

No longer am I an independent artist. I hear you ask: “Why on earth would you sign a record contract? All record companies are bloodsucking vampires from hell and in this day and age of the Internet is the best time

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Record Contract

Last week I signed a document which obliges me to get more music out to you very, very, very soon. Celebrated with a Mojito of course. Yes, you’ve read it here first. There IS a Schnauzer Radio Orchestra album on

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Guest appearance

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Geek improvement

And another Internet tune delivered. The geek improvement podcast is helping you keep track of, and find the things you geek out about. They needed a geeky, uplifting intro. Voice over by Scott Fletcher. Mixed focussed on headphone listeners (be

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The Morning Stream

New tune was just delivered to Frogpants studios’ daily podcast “the Morning stream. Lots of 70′s morning-magazine-dude-where-is-my-moog-vibe going on. Share and enjoy! First used here: Cool dudes want to hear the entire tune, and click play below. TMS-Tune –

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We’re open!

Music: “Rainy Waltz” – Schnauzer Radio Orchestra

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Studio closed

At this very moment there isn’t a single cable connected. I am moving into a bigger studio. (although some might say: ” what do you mean “closed”, this looks perfectly fine!). In the meantime the “East Screen-West Screen” podcast just

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re-Winter Wonderland

What is Christmas without a SuperNES, a Stylophone, a Wurlitzer and an all girls 60s choir? Nothing, I tell you! For those of you who missed this last year, I had 2 spare days so I produced: Winter Wonderland Schnauzer

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If anyone can explain to me what a Zabada is… I have no idea why this turned out like this, but for some reason I needed a robot wizzard spelling out zabada throughout the song. Anyways, enjoy this next Schnauzer

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