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Geek a Week

What does one do when cartoonist Len Peralta (we all know from his awesome Monster By Mail project) cries out for help, and practically falls on his knees for a piece of original audio? That’s right, you let him beg

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I wish a were a chicken.

It’s about time I’d show my face, straighten my back and give some of you music geeks a sneak peak into the Schnauzer CD production. First Sneak peak : I wish a were a chicken, an hommage to a very

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Current Geek Weekly

R.I.P ExtraLifeRadio, Hello Current Geek Weekly! ELR was all about nerdy stuff

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Lullaby for a dog #2

Back in 2007 as a kind of a joke, a friend of mine asked if I could make a song about his puppy. A rickety piano, a theremin and some shuffling about-sounds made a pretty funny tune back then. A

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Winter Wonderland

What is Christmas without a SuperNES, a Stylophone, a Wurlitzer and an all girls 60s choir? Nothing, I tell you! Since I’m breaking a few laws with this one I am not telling who are the singers nanana. Also it

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Unhenged: a tribute to Spinal Tap

It’s here! Just in time for the holidays! A free Spinal Tap Cover album! and guess whose track is number one on the playlist? What are you waiting for? go to and grab your copy NOW!

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Robot Party repost

illustration: S.Johnson Got the hint? answers to the faq: 1) not not happy 2) 36 3) a suitcase and the latest Dan Brown Novel 4) condolences through the mail or the comments, are welcome. Whatever suits you.

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illust. by Scott Johnson Any reference to ‘the Simpsons’ and/or Danny Elfman is pure intentional and I’ll take that as a compliment. Thank you very much. Superheroes – 0:34

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Spinal Tap tribute.

It’s been 25 years since This is Spinal Tap was released. The most quoted ROCKumentary in any tour-van traveling around the globe. Two years ago I overheard Coverville’s super D.J. Brian Ibbott’s wish to release a Spinal Tap tribute album.

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Schnauzer calling…

Some people just turn everything I do into a ringtone

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