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Record update

No longer am I an independent artist. I hear you ask: “Why on earth would you sign a record contract? All record companies are bloodsucking vampires from hell and in this day and age of the Internet is the best time

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Record Contract

Last week I signed a document which obliges me to get more music out to you very, very, very soon. Celebrated with a Mojito of course. Yes, you’ve read it here first. There IS a Schnauzer Radio Orchestra album on

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Why so serious?

***disclaimer*** Serious post about serious music and art below. We apologize for the inconvenience ***end disclaimer*** Artist Reinier Berendsen needed a forward moving piano pieve to accompany his time-lapse youtube video. Read more about him and his abandoned urban landscapes

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Recording Bass

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Sept 17th

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What’s it’s really like to work in a music store

I hate music stores. I hate the people checking instruments they barely can afford, showing how they play stairway to heaven. That’s because I don’t see playing notes in any particular order is an art form. To me that is

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I wish a were a chicken.

It’s about time I’d show my face, straighten my back and give some of you music geeks a sneak peak into the Schnauzer CD production. First Sneak peak : I wish a were a chicken, an hommage to a very

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Sept 17th…

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Trouble counting to ten…

Derek Paravicini is 26 years old,

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