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Today is the day!

Happy happy, joy joy!, Today Basta Music has released my CD worldwide. Here’s the press release Cd is available literary everywhere. Like itunes, amazon,, etc… Watch me unbox the cd here

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in the studio part II

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Guest appearance

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We’re open!

Music: “Rainy Waltz” – Schnauzer Radio Orchestra

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James Last Compilation

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What’s it’s really like to work in a music store

I hate music stores. I hate the people checking instruments they barely can afford, showing how they play stairway to heaven. That’s because I don’t see playing notes in any particular order is an art form. To me that is

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Nova was a ‘commercial’ side-band for the synthesizer-band Peru. This song (Aurora) was a nr.2 hit in Holland in 1983. They don’t get any simpler than this. The melody is just one phrase over 2 chords, repeated twice . The

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This week I ran into a Greek composer who claimed to have written a song for the Eurovision songfestival. Immediately I started searching for the Greek competitors. This is not the one. (his tune was even worse ) The

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Death Metal Rooster

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