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Smooth Christmas

Micheal McDonald is actually Santa Claus! thanks Laura!

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When my youngest niece Bette was born, she instantly received a nickname ‘babushka’. Don’t ask me why, I guess she just reminded us of one. Now the Matryomin is a cross between a Babushka and a Theremin. Even a step

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Muppet Bohemian Rhapsody

I know this stuff is being posted all over the net, but…omg I think I haven’t laughed this hard in… ehm… y’know.

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Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer

Chap-Chop History lesson by Mr. B. Banjolele + Hipety Hop? Count me in!

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Shane sings 5 octaves

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I am totally hooked on this band now.

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Optigan Organ

I was searching a long time for proper playing on an optigan organ. This one is a Dutch production, AND it is also a cover of Flimbo’s quest

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Back when commercials were groovy

This one could go straight to TV again, for any product. I’m for hire… just saying…

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Letter ‘B’

Sesame street always was known for their great music spoofs. This one was almost a very expensive one.

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Hot ‘n Cold Ukraine style

Thanx Alexis!

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