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20 years

Man, do I feel old. It has been 20 years since “Nevermind” by Nirvana came out. However, “smells like teen spirit” is a lot older. I ran into a carousel dating back from 1910, and guess what tune it was

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Fun Pack

Found on wfmu Perhaps the worst thing , is the fact that this guitar is a left-handed ukulele.

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Hot Dog Rock!

I had to blink twice and pinch myself at first. This was to good to be true: AN ENTIRE ALBUM AS AN ODE TO HOTDOGS! Think of 70′s Steely Dan, strip out the intelligent Lyrics and you’ve got a Zappa-esque

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Lullaby for a dog #2

Back in 2007 as a kind of a joke, a friend of mine asked if I could make a song about his puppy. A rickety piano, a theremin and some shuffling about-sounds made a pretty funny tune back then. A

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Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer

Chap-Chop History lesson by Mr. B. Banjolele + Hipety Hop? Count me in!

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Hot ‘n Cold Ukraine style

Thanx Alexis!

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Organ Blower

‘y know, if you want you organ to be blown…

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The lost sheep

Adrian Munsy, a classical composer, confused the world in 1979 when he released ‘The Lost Sheep’. If you get over the simplicity of the lyrics it really is a moving piece. Lyrics can be found here

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Growl Karaoke

You know you want to! Click HERE

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