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How can a link like that not be awesome?

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N.Y. Public TV

I need more pubic T.V. stations like this. This clip comes from the talkshow: ‘Goddesses’ a local program from Queens N.Y. When I first watched this I was amazed by the sudden turnaround in the music. First there is a

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Google ads

This advertisement appeared in my gmail-window today.  Google is good, very good! They know, yes they know…

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I can’t believe I didn’t mention this earlier. This was on my bloglist for ages, but here we go. On South Park Episode 128 there is this Chinese Singer featured called ‘Wing’. I won’t spoil the plot of the episode

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This can’t be real

…or can it? Halfway I was expecting the lyrics to go over the top crazy, and they did just a little. I couldn’t post this without knowing for sure. Luckily Cabel’s Blog Lol posted an article about this phenomena. He

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Look ma, no fingers!

I told you a looooong time ago about the handless organist. But here we can see one in action. Billy Alexander has his own youtube channel. He was born with a defect on both his hands and feet. It took

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Snoop Dogg!

Yes, the Schlager returns. I know I just gave away the punchline with this first sentence, but there is no denying that ‘Schon ist es auf die welt zu sein’ still is a killer song. At least in my book

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Defrosting Corn Dogs

Scott at Modd3d installed a midi port to his microwave. Now he can defrost a corn dog by playing a few notes. That brings a few ideas to my mind for the studio. One of them is a midi controlled

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William Shatner ’sings’

Here’s an idea. For the 1978 Sci-Fi film awards we’ll have William Shatner recite the lyrics to ‘Rocket Man’. We’ll have music so the listener can get a sense of where we are in the song. Yes, that’s a good

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The Dog was gone…

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