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Rutles – Lunch

Holey Crap! This is a HUGE labour of Love. I really want to name names, but I couldn’t find who’s behind this. Here’s the story: some anonymous fellow felt that the Rutles deserved a remix album just like the Beatles

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Beatles: Rock Band

Today at E3 (games expo) the first beatles Rock band trailer was released. I am thrilled looking at all the details that went into this game. Every single stage looks right. Mc Cartney looks stunning and even has grown a

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Beatles Reunion!

That was exactly the phrase what drew my attention to watch this movie. For more than 20 years this was the monster reunion in the making everybody was dying to see and hear. Now count to ten and realize that

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Abbey Road

The band ‘Blame Ringo, released their first single accompanied by this video. It’s a timelapse outside the Abbey Road studio’s. For the young folks:  From the release of the Beatles’ Abbey Road album, people are constantly trying to recreate the

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A Hard Days Night

Now this is annoying. Dalhousie University professor Jason Brown has made an extensive study about the opening chord of ‘A Hard Days Night’. The reason why is because this chord sounds so fat, no guitar player ever could copy it.

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