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The Morning Stream

You asked for it. So by popular demand: The Morning Stream themesong is up for you to download. Now get off my back!

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Record update

No longer am I an independent artist. I hear you ask: “Why on earth would you sign a record contract? All record companies are bloodsucking vampires from hell and in this day and age of the Internet is the best time

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This totally made my day. Good to see there is still original music being made, and with a passion too. My head is filled with new tunes thanks to this. Check their site here

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A new tune written exclusively for Theater Walhalla. Technically I did 4 different versions of the same one. If you click you have 4 random chances to hear them. To make your life a little easier here are the

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Rolling over the floor laughing… This is a dutch list, that is used to estimate the loudness of the pieces… The works marked red are the most stressful for your ears. Had Beethoven lived in this century I think he would’ve got a fine

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