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Podcast music

By popular demand I have compiled a full album’s worth of music I made for Extralife Radio, a podcast which ran from 2003 until februari 2010. You can read all about this, and download a handy zip package here:

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The Morning Stream

New tune was just delivered to Frogpants studios’ daily podcast “the Morning stream. Lots of 70′s morning-magazine-dude-where-is-my-moog-vibe going on. Share and enjoy! First used here: Cool dudes want to hear the entire tune, and click play below. TMS-Tune –

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Studio closed

At this very moment there isn’t a single cable connected. I am moving into a bigger studio. (although some might say: ” what do you mean “closed”, this looks perfectly fine!). In the meantime the “East Screen-West Screen” podcast just

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Geek a Week

What does one do when cartoonist Len Peralta (we all know from his awesome Monster By Mail project) cries out for help, and practically falls on his knees for a piece of original audio? That’s right, you let him beg

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Current Geek Weekly

R.I.P ExtraLifeRadio, Hello Current Geek Weekly! ELR was all about nerdy stuff

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Nobody’s Listening

Since the ‘Nobody’s Listening’-podcast is hosted by pastor James, I figured it would be a good idea to get the Schnauzer Radio Orchestra a little blessing (you can never go wrong with that). I went ahead and made him a

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Comics Coast to Coast

I just finished the official Comics Coast to Coast tune. CCtC is a weekly podcast by Brian Dunaway (missiondeep), Tom Racine (booksmart) and Justin Thompson (mythtickle) about … ehm… comics. That’s right, the three panel thingy’s you see in the

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